Mar 30, 2010

Emma Watson

Hermione from the Harry Potter movies has grown up into quite a little leggy, er, lady...


  1. There's something about this kid. She's not terrifically beautiful or sexy, but yet, she IS! She has some of the elegance of Audrey Hepburn, maybe not as pretty, but with a hotter bod. She's very much like the character she played in the Harry Potter stories. She's like the little brainiac that sits next to you in class, that no one ever notices very much unless she speaks, but when there is a ball or a dance or gala or something, she turns into a true stunner! Eyeballs pop out when she walks in!! I've known a couple of dolls like that in the past, and she seems to be one of those. I've got a hunch this little sweetheart will be doing great things in the future. Maybe even an Oscar!

  2. At first, I didn't like it when she cut her hair off. I usually do not like it when girls wear really short hair. But she pulls it off! She must have the perfectly shaped head to do that, because it actually works for her. I still prefer young ladies to wear long hair, though! She's a very beautiful girl.