Jul 26, 2010

First timers - Charisma Carpenter

Another week of women who haven't been on the blog!

Back in this post I put five ladies on my wish list.

Number 5 was Charisma Carpenter and here she is!
(not a fan of the foot tattoo, though....)


  1. How about a call for requests? I'd love to see Diane Lane.

  2. Call for requests? I've been calling for requests for the last 4 months!
    I'll see what I can do for Ms. Lane. Might be hard to find but I've always been a fan.

  3. Love the foot tattoo :o)

  4. You have? Maybe there needs to be a suggestin box or something that one could post the requests to.

  5. Yep, asked a few times - check out these posts - http://toecleavage2.blogspot.com/search/label/number2

    I'm way too lazy to set up a suggestion box - just post a comment (I read 'em all) or send me an e-mail.