Sep 30, 2010

Two-timers month - Michelle Trachtenbeg

Another "Buffy" girl - Michelle Trachtenberg made her first appearance here April 16.

Sep 29, 2010

Two-timers month - Eliza Dushku

Sexy Eliza Dushku isn't on TV anymore but she was here on March 5.

Sep 28, 2010

Two-timers month - Audrina Patridge

"Reality" star Audrina Patridge added to her resume by appearing on this season's "Dancing with the stars".
You last saw her here on May 26.

Sep 27, 2010

Two-timers month - Salma Hayek

All right, I gave you a whole month (five weeks actually) of brand new toe cleavage.

I figure you might be missing some of the ladies who have graced these pages in the past.
All of the fine females posted for the next month (or so) have only been blogged here once before.

Let's start out with Salma Hayek, last posted way back on March 10

Sep 24, 2010

Sexy, Hate It, Cool, Lame, Sucks, Kicks Ass, Drool

As you've probably all seen, I made it easy for y'all to comment quickly by just clicking on the box
by whatever you're feeling.

What I'd like to see more of is why you feel the way you do -
I hate (actress, singer, model, etc.)
Those shoes are ugly.
Bored of seeing her.
Pictures don't show enough toe cleavage.
Anything else you want to say.

I've made it (hopefully) a little easier to post by taking away the need to put in the Captcha words.
Blogger says they've added spam control so we'll see if I keep the comments like this.

Finally, I've added a new poll - please only answer it once.

A month of new toe cleavage - Going out with a bang!

It's my last day (for now) of giving you guys never-before-seen toe cleavage and I thought I'd finish
off with a bunch of new ladies for your enjoyment.

Mira Sorvino joins the list of Oscar-winning ("Mighty Aphrodite") actresses to appear on this blog.

Emmanuelle Chriqui is best-known as E's fiancee on the HBO show "Entourage".

Blake Lively continues in her role on "Gossip Girl" along with starring in next year's "Green Lantern" movie.

Holy crap!  Actress Sara Rue is really rocking that body (and toe cleavage) since becoming the spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

Okay, that's full month (actually five weeks) of brand spankin' new toe cleavage.  Twenty-three brand new women and who knows how many toes...

Hope you all enjoyed it!

Sep 23, 2010

A month of new toe cleavage - Malin Akerman

I first saw Swedish actress/model as a brunette in the film "Watchmen".
Now she's back to her natural(?) blonde look and has been in films such as
"Couples Retreat" and "The Proposal"

Sep 22, 2010

A month of new toe cleavage - Molly Sims

You may remember Molly Sims from her role on "Las Vegas".
If not, you probably don't remember her at all...