Oct 16, 2010

Bonus day - Gemma Arterton

As promised - more of the lovely Gemma


  1. Wow, great and sexy! But how is it possible to walk in these lovely "Pigalle" Louboutins? They must be oversized 3 numbers minimum. How can she find any foothold inside of them? I think there is no chance, so she must pop out from them and loose them with every single step.
    My girl friend also made such a crazy experiment one Saturday night this summer in a pair of 3 numbers oversized extremely high heel Jimmy Choos, belonging to her sister. But it was a very painful experience she made in this night... Her bare feet were slipping around inside these designer shoes so extremely all the times, and she popped out from these pumps with every single step. Because she lost them again and again, she digged her poor toes in the slippery shoes more and more trying to find some hold inside, but there was absolutely no chance. After some hours walking and dancing in these lovely and sexy, but much ovesized designer heels, she got a lot of huge and horrible bloody blisters up on her toes and all under her soles. My girl's poor and raw feet looked like after a chain saw massacre... and the inside of these Jimmy Choos as well... Her pain was unbelievable, and she wasn't able to walk only one step on her own feet for nearly one week. So the result of this torture for her was never wearing oversized and slippery high heels in future times again, and never to ruin the most loved designer pumps of her sister...
    But as well as it's totally crazy - girls wearing so much oversized high heels and popping out from them are looking great and very sexy!

  2. There is no way those pigallie pumps should fit so large,infact they normally fit snug due to there shape,but her feet wow amazing shape .

  3. I want to bukkake on her arches

  4. Deliciosamente perfecta, tiene los pies mas maravillosos que he visto!!!!, Se ve que le encanta lucir este modelo ya que casi siempre los usa y se ve perfecto este modelo de tacones en sus pies, me facina, ojala que alguien pudiera subir algun video donde aparezca modelando estos preciosos zapatos....

    Gracias por las fotos, son lo mejor de lo mejor, y gracias Gemma por darnos el gusto de ver tus preciosos pies.


  5. she could even sleep inside of one of her shoes

  6. her arches on my d, and i'd sell my soul and die happy