Nov 1, 2010

Black Louboutin Pigalle week - Danielle Lineker

There's probably no better toe cleavage shoe than the
black Louboutin Pigalle and I thought I'd celebrate that
with a week dedicated to them.

For more Pigalles make sure you're checking out the Pigalle Passions blog at

We'll start out the week with Welsh model Danielle Lineker....


  1. Wow! Needless to say, looking forward to the rest of the week's postings!

    Great link, too. Might I suggest for those wanting to see feet, check out Like yours, another excellent site.

  2. i agree a 100% number 2!!! i cant imagine a better showing TC pump then the pigalle so i will enjoy every day of this week and for weeks to come i will look back at these posts .

    Question: are you going to spoil us an post the saterday too?? your a heroooooo!!! ^_^

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. the site mentioned no longer works. please remove the link as google search still picks it up.thanks!

  5. plese- what is password so i can see sitee?

  6. Site closed - see info here -