Oct 31, 2010

Two-timers month - Some odds and ends

Thought I'd end two-timers month with a bonus Sunday edition.
Here's a few odds and ends I had laying about.

Who was the first woman posted on this blog?
Paula Abdul - March 1 Rosario Dawson - May 28

Adriana Lima - May 25

Lindsay Lohan - March 15

Rachel McAdams - March 16
Joss Stone - March 25

Gwyneth Paltrow - July 2

Oct 30, 2010

Two-timers month - Katie Holmes (part 2)

Back for more, I see...

Oct 29, 2010

Two-timers month - Katie Holmes (part 1)

If you don't like Katie Holmes toe cleavege, you didn't like my post on March 30.

If you do like Katie Holmes toe cleavage, come back on Saturday for more like this-

Oct 28, 2010

Two-timers month - Kate Walsh

3 things I know about Kate Walsh -
She has a lot of different shoes
She likes to show off toe cleavage
She was first posted here March 6