Feb 28, 2011

Anniversary week

In case you missed last week (where were you?), this is my anniversary week with
the Toe Cleavage Blog. This will be my last post of the first year.

How about some close-ups from my favorite E-Bay seller starzflite

Feb 25, 2011

Chief Week - Emma Watson

And now we come to the blog killer herself.

Chief posted Emma Watson a grand total of one time on December 24, 2009.
He ended his post with "Merry Christmas to all. I'll be back in a few days."
but never posted another picture.

Thanks again for all the hard work (believe me, I know how much work it takes).

I'll be back on Monday to start my second year!

Feb 24, 2011

Chief Week - Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese is a pin-up goddess, well-known for her penchant for high heels.

I can't believe this is only the second time I've posted her here.

She was Chief's second-to-last post on December 22, 2009.

Feb 23, 2011

Chief Week - Blake Lively

Chief stated several times that Blake Lively had the "best legs in Hollywood".
Hard to disagree.

He posted her last on December 19 and 20, 2009.

Feb 22, 2011

Chief Week - Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian made Chief's blog 11 times in three years,
the last time on December 18, 2009.

This will mark her ninth time here.