Feb 25, 2011

Chief Week - Emma Watson

And now we come to the blog killer herself.

Chief posted Emma Watson a grand total of one time on December 24, 2009.
He ended his post with "Merry Christmas to all. I'll be back in a few days."
but never posted another picture.

Thanks again for all the hard work (believe me, I know how much work it takes).

I'll be back on Monday to start my second year!


  1. Number 2, I just reviewed the first year of postings made by the Chief on "perversions of the High Heel Pump", and he did an outstanding job!

    You have picked up the torch, and continue to move it forward! Thanks for all of your efforts. I usually visit between 0900 and 1000 each day, and find my efforts well rewarded. Keep up the great work, and again, THANK YOU for all the effort! I realize it is no small or simple task. THANK YOU!


  2. I'm not really into Emma Watson, but love these shots. They deserve their own rating category--bonerific... :-P

    Happy Anniversary, Number 2! You're #1 in my book. Looking forward to another year.

  3. Excellent work w this blog. Much appreciation

  4. I know Emma Watson will be 21 shortly, but her face still looks 12. On the other hand, her legs look incredible in those shoes!

  5. excellent work number 2, we all truly appreciate all the effort you put into this blog. looking forward to many more years to come.

    all the best,


  6. welcome to bonertown, population ME