Mar 25, 2011

Silver Shoes - Chanel Iman

You like tall, skinny girls sporting silver spiky Louboutins?

Then you must really like 5'10" Victoria's Secret Model Chanel Iman.


  1. TC treasures guarded by spikes

  2. If you think "skinny" you're not looking at the right body parts...

  3. Number2,

    Thanks again for your work. Have you been to the site It was started by a Russian, and carried on by a Turk named Ravenx who did an exceptional job, much like you and the Chief! I mention it because when I tire of the platform shoes and the other weird footwear, I will take a few minutes to visit the older postings on that site. Beware that the earlier sites have been co-opted by some true perverts....


  4. @ Fangflyer: The site sounds interesting, but the address you provided apparently does not exist.

    Actually, I remember Ravenx as a regular on the original TC site. Anybody know the whatever has become of Su and Hank?