Oct 10, 2011

"Reality" stars - Audrina Patridge

After a few weeks of real TV stars and actresses I thought I'd post a few of the ladies that got famous through so-called 'reality' shows.

Audrina Patridge has a few acting roles on her resume but is best known for her reality show appearances on "The Hills", "Dancing With the Stars" and, of course, "Audrina".

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  1. Before 2011 reality personality Audrina Patridge had one of the best bodies in Hollywood! But Audrina's adorable boobs, signature cleavage, and stunning curves are totally gone now as evidenced by these pictures from her Pure appearance! After a drastic reduction Audrina is now flattened, sagging, and pear-shaped. She WAS one of the most adorable and stunning young stars! Unique in Hollywood; slender and toned, yet still with great cleavage and shape. But the cleavage is sadly gone now! Compare these pictures to the red dress at her Maxim cover party a year ago. Exact same style of dress that Audrina wore so well…cleavage then, NO cleavage now! This dress hangs off of her like old drapes. Really curious why she would go through such a drastic procedure to make herself look less attractive. She looked so much better when she had boobs and was lifted and larger! Bring back The Hills Audrina!