Oct 28, 2011

Red shoes - Imogen Thomas

Miss Wales 2003, Imogen Thomas, did a bunch of British "Big Brother" and "Big Brother"-related shows and is currently a glamour model.


  1. Ms. Wales is starting to look like Ms. WHALES. Those shoes certainly don't help; they make her legs look chunky.

  2. for all the guys that say "hate it", "sucks", or "lame", i'm just curious, when a bitch that looks just like this comes walking by in real life wearing those shoes, is that what you say in your head?

    cuz i can understand them not being your favorite thing ever, but if i saw this on the streets i would break my neck trying to look at her and probably get at least a medium sized boner lol.

    just wondering how to use the rating system

  3. @ Bad Anon, I agree, some shoes enhance the look of a woman's legs, and some definitely do not. I appreciate hearing people's opinions, positive or not.

    @ Anonymous, women really don't like being referred to as "bitches". Next time you do, you might just find that the woman you're ogling will help break your neck for you.

  4. Oh, and that goes for your medium-sized boner, too.

  5. "bitches" is a common synonym for "women" in hood talk, it's not necessarily meant to be derogatory. I don't think he was trashing anyone's right to an opinion either, just merely asking that if you saw this exact girl in public wearing this would you really be like "man this sucks"? It's not my fave, but I see his point. She is still a beautiful woman wearing the heels we all love, it may suck relative to other posts here but do you guys really look away when you see something like this in person? I'm guessing not...