Nov 30, 2011

New-vember - The final four

How about a quartet of newbies to end out New-vember?

Alexandra Richards (in red) is Keith Richards daughter, a model, artist and DJ.
Jessica Gomes (hair bun) is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model from Austrailia.
Penelope Cruz (in blue) has been in a ton of movies, most recently the new "Pirates of the Caribbean".
Zoe Foster is an author, writer, blogger and speaker.


  1. Number2,

    Excellent work! I been making a point to visit the website you requested, but have not found many items that I need. I still buy when I know it helps your efforts!


    p.s. I return to the U.S. in a month! Hope the women look as great in country as your blog shows!

  2. Gomes wins this round. Foster second

  3. Tough call on who the winner is, but maybe Gomes on the mirror shot - that's like a four-pointer with the two different angles!

    Thanks for the great photos, Number 2! I think you're now Number 1, by the way, given your longevity.