Dec 31, 2012

The 2012 Toe Cleavage Blog Awards

Thought I'd do a little something different for my last post of the year -
                         the first ever Toe Cleavage Blog Awards

Most downloaded post

Alessandra Ambrosio

Recognize those bright blue shoes above (and the fabulous toe cleavage inside)?
If you do, you probably downloaded the full set of these pictures - the most downloaded file this year.
To revisit (or see them for the first time) CLICK HERE

Pics of the year (non close-up)

Irina Shayk & Olivia Wilde

I just couldn't decide which of these pictures I liked more then I realized it's my blog so I don't have to choose.

What was your favorite picture of the year?  Let everybody know in the Comments!

Pic of the year (close –up)

Jennifer Lopez

I'm sure I'm going to get some disagreement but I'm picking this shot of Jennifer Lopez as my close-up toe cleavage picture of the year.

Which was your favorite?  You can check out every post that included a close-up shot HERE

Rookie of the year

Bip Ling

I don't know much about Bipasha "Bip" Ling but she made quite a splash here on the Toe Cleavage Blog.
We hope to see more of her soon.
If you missed her first appearance, check it out HERE

And now the moment you've all been waiting for...

TC Woman of the year

Jessica Biel 

After a grand total of zero posts in 2011, Jessica Biel appeared here eight times in 2012.
And she didn't simply show up in a pair of black Louboutin Pigalles (not that there's anything wrong with that).
No, she gave us all a plethora of different sexy heels to gawk at and drool over!

Below is a smattering of all the toe cleavage goodness she's bestowed upon us this year.
If you'd like to look back on all her posts CLICK HERE

Dec 30, 2012


So I've been running this blog for almost four years with over 1000 posts and tens of thousands of pictures,

for free, using a lot of my time (and a little bit of my money),

never asking for anything,

and when I ask for a small favor that would literally take about a minute of someone's time

to the hundreds (thousands?) of my blog readers (over 4000 page views on both Friday and Saturday)

less than ten people decide to click a link and vote.


Just wow.

 Thanks to those few who voted.

You can still vote (not that I expect you to).
Go to this link and vote for the picture named "Annie Fan".


Dec 28, 2012

White Christmas - Olivia Wilde

Well, the year is almost up so let's take a good, long look at actress Olivia Wilde before 2013 hits us.

Dec 27, 2012

White Christmas - Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan is an English actress who played the new "Bionic Woman" and has been seen in "Doctor Who", "Jekyll" and "Merlin".

Dec 26, 2012

White Christmas - Imogen Thomas

Imogen Thomas is a Welsh glamour model, television personality and former Miss Wales.