May 9, 2012

Orange week - Myleene Klass

It's been a while since British singer Myleene Klass has been here on the ol' Toe Cleavage Blog. Here she is again, showing off her post-baby body and toe cleavage in a nice orange mini-dress.


  1. Those shoes have ocean liner toe

  2. I agree! I usually see these shoes a lot here in holland (ofcourse without TC) and then i dont like these types.. But these ones surprised me.

    PS. Im lookin forward to seeing more: halte's & crosspiga's
    Those are my favorite's now.. "so celebs.. Start wearing them" hahahah.. No, serieus.. Start wearing them

  3. i like the low cut high heels more cleavage,isnt this site all about it?keep it up and please no pictures that are not worth looking at like this one........