May 2, 2012

Pink week - pink times two

A couple of hot ladies for your mid-week

Reality star Kim Kardashian spotlights her toe cleavage with some hot pink heels.

Model Candice Swanepoel slinks along in her pink dress...


  1. If this were a battle Kim would lose with cleavage, and shoe type.. Im a slave to the "halte" and colour nude. I already new this One but it stille made my day!

    PS. A smal question: do the woman in the states al wear cleavage shoes/pumps.. Or lets say do alot of them wear ?? It looks like it

  2. Not all but some do thankfully. Id agree the second set is hotter. I'm not a fan of kardashian drama circus anyways. She does do good TC but so do everyone who isn't in the media spotlight.

  3. no doubt miss Kardashian is not a very interesting person, but she is damn hot, with a real woman's body, a breath of fresh air compared with all the anorexic models we see all the time, ,and she is an example to all women in wearing high heels all the time, so at least for that, I am grateful.....