Jul 20, 2012

Blondes - Blake Lively

Perennial Toe Cleavage Blog favorite Blake Lively makes her 17th appearance (and first since March) on the blog. She's currently starring in the new Oliver Stone movie "Savages".

If you want to download a bunch more pictures of Blake (and you know you do) CLICK HERE


  1. Blake is my all time #1 pick for over all sexy woman, her perfect amount of tc, long tanned legs, heels, the arch WOW! Her posture in pics # 3 and # 9 drive me into --- well you get the picture.

    Mr. Blake Lively wannabe

  2. Love this woman! Couln't agree more with the above poster. Thsi womans wears her heels well and shows fantastic TC!!

    1. Thank you. She puts most other lovely ladies to shame!

  3. She is beautiful, has a wonderful smile, great sense of dress, classy and sexy, and of course her choice of heels is perfect. a real 5 stars

  4. Blake Lively may be the most beautiful woman in the world.

  5. Wow. That blows away, she's gorgeous and one of those rare women that looks good in the CLs.