Jul 13, 2012

More nouns - Stone (part 1)

stone - the hard substance, formed of mineral matter, of which rocks consist.

Emma Stone is an American actress born in Scottsdale, Arizona,who has been making the rounds (a lot) promoting her role as Gwen Stacy in the new "The Amazing Spider-Man" movie.

If you like Emma (and everybody does) come on back tomorrow for a special bonus Saturday edition of The Toe Cleavage Blog!


  1. Meah, I like her but she needs to get out in the sun a little more. I'm not into the pasty white leg look.

  2. Emma Stone is the business.

    I have already told my wife that I would leave her for Emma Stone in a heartbeat.

    Emma's pale while legs are beautiful. While I like tan legs too, Emma looks great in everything all the time. Her penchant for excessive "arch cleavage" heels is outstanding...

    Sadly, she wears boots throughout most of the new Spiderman movie, in case you havent seen it yet. She still looks great, just not much opportunity for toe cleavage.

  3. Did not know her (I am French, and past the age of Spider-Man !) but she is a real beauty in the "nice girl" way. Loves her in the flowery dress (that could easily look ,ridiculous on other women) and the nude Louboutins, especially the "side" photos.

  4. If I could rate this post as 6 stars, I would!

  5. In addition to her generous toe cleavage, I just love the ample arch cleavage, (if we can call it that) as well. Oh how I would like to slip my tongue under there!

  6. I think she is beautiul, also, as a foot, leg and ankle fetishist I think she is almost perfect (I always say she has perfect ankles). I love when she whears high heels because that guarantees at least a picture of her amazing arches.
    By the way, I love her pale skin. Tans are overrated.

  7. She is my go-to girl for perfect legs and she shows arches like no other.