Jul 14, 2012

More nouns - Stone (part 2)

I've already defined 'stone' so how about I just list a bunch of movies Emma Stone has been in - "The Help", "Crazy, Stupid Love", "Friends With Benefits", "Easy A", "Zombieland", "The Rocker", "Superbad" (plus a few more...)

I can't get enough of Emma Stone and if you'd like a big ass file of her in this blue dress and toe-cleavage-baring Louboutins CLICK HERE


  1. Thanks for the Saturday post!!

  2. 1) Saturday Posts Rock.

    2) Emma Stone rocks those TC heels harder.

    3) You cannot put too much Emma Stone up on the site. It is not possible.

  3. arch cleavage is some of the best i've seen.....

  4. great arch cleavage
    it seems she doesn't like
    to wear snug shoes,
    those are quite big,
    two sizes at least

  5. Thanks for the rar, I agree with second anon's third point.