Aug 3, 2012

2012 Teen Choice Awards - Victoria Justice

I finally found an actual teenager that was at the Teen Choice Awards.

19 year old Victoria Justice is still doing her TV series "Victorious" and has a couple of movies coming out this year.

Here's the full set of 33 Victoria pix - CLICK HERE


  1. I admit the young toe cleavage looks yummy! But at 19 she almost looks like jail bait and I feel sort of guilty looking at her. Somewhat like looking at you buds daughter you've known her whole life and she's morphing into some hot beautiful looking young woman. Aaah, I can't at her that way!!

  2. at least it's good to see a young beauty wearing high heels and TC. When you look at them in the street, it's a nightmare of flats of all kinds.

    1. I agree! Many look like slobs/hobos and do not know how to dress up proper. Same goes for the guys too. I hate seeing those saggy pants.

  3. She's so perfect she barely looks real. Wow.