Aug 27, 2012

Lazy - Jenna Dewan

It's hot outside and I'm feeling lazy so no theme this week, just hot ladies showing off toe cleavage.

You may know actress Jenna Dewan for her roles in "Step Up" and "The Playboy Club" or as her role as Channing Tatum's real life wife.


  1. Jenna is sporting classic toe cleavage in those pumps, just the right height heel and TC exposure. Which IMO is the ultimate in hot toe cleavage! Six stars and the tasteful tat on her foot is a plus for me personally..


  2. I love their story because it is so rare in Hollywood. They met on set, kept it quiet, fell in love and got married. They are STILL married.

  3. There is nothing sexier than bare feet in a pair of nude Louboutin Pigalles. If it weren't for that damned tattoo, this lovely lady would garner a "5" rating