Aug 20, 2012

Models - Chanel Iman

I felt like this would be a good week to take a long look at some long, lanky models.

First up is 5'9" Chanel Iman born in Atlanta, Georgia and best known for her work with Victoria's Secret.


  1. She is a beauty, and the shoes are fab. Awesome!

  2. loves the TC and the heels, but nothing else, so 5 stars for the shoes, 0 for the girls = I put 2 stars. Sorry

  3. simply awesome cleavage........

  4. She's a real head turner. The shoes would be great IF there is was peaking toe cleavage, vanp is to low, the spikes are sexy though. Showing this much TC doesn't do it for me. Just the hint of some toe cleavage is what makes it so incredibly hot! Same with clothing, leaving something to the imagination is a great aphrodisiac in both scenarios.

    Carry on,