Aug 24, 2012

Models - Miranda Kerr (part 1)

Another 5'9" Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, this one from Australia, felt like a pretty good choice for my 800th post.
Miranda has a child with her husband Orlando Bloom. That's some pretty good genetics.

I think Miranda deserves a little more love, so come back tomorrow for a bonus Saturday appearance!


  1. To be honest, I find her heel taste to be quite conservative and rather predictable. Don't get me wrong, she is still a beautiful woman, it's just that I don't get excited to see candids of her. I guess she just has the same rotation of conservative 4" heels she wears in public.

  2. Those heels (the outside shots) look super sexy from the front but they are all talk with a rather low-ish heel for a supermodel to be wearing.

  3. I'll be a bit contrary and say these are beautiful pumps that fit her slender feet perfectly. For me, this shows a lady who knows what looks best on her. I only wish that more celebrities would be as aware of what fits and what doesn't.