Nov 21, 2012

Tattoo week - Lea Michele

Pre-Christian Germanic, Celtic and other central and northern European tribes were often heavily tattooed, according to surviving accounts. The Picts were famously tattooed (or scarified) with elaborate, war-inspired black or dark blue woad (or possibly copper for the blue tone) designs.

Actress Lea Michele ("Glee") actually has 13 tattoos. The ones we're concerned with are the butterfly on her right foot, "Our city, our love" written on her right ankle and the word "Imagine" on her left foot.


  1. She looks absolutely stunning in the first three photos and she's showing off some great toe cleavage.. Her arched back and protruding tush just add to her over-all yummy look!

    Best this week IMO!


  2. Terrific with the orange dress. The shoes she is wearing there are outstanding, and not only because of the TC.

  3. Why does she like loose shoes? Sexy otherwise

  4. she loves loose shoes;)