Dec 13, 2012

Forty plus week - Elizabeth Hurley

Born June 10, 1965, 47-year-old actress/model Elizabeth Hurley is the oldest lady to appear during this theme and it's her first time on the Toe Cleavage Blog. Let's all welcome her.

If you can't get enough of Elizabeth CLICK HERE or HERE for more


  1. She's looking good with her toe cleavage and classy looks. Older ladies just look way hot! She gets my juices flowing

    Thanks number2 for all you do!


  2. Love her and the t c !!

  3. Hey #2 - Please stop with the "click here for more". You're out of public download space and the frustation is killing me. I WANT MORE!!! There are plenty of other hosting sites available. Please find one. Your work is apprecaited by your faithful followers.

  4. Thanks a lot for the link !