Jan 4, 2013

New year, new toe cleavage - Lisa Snowdon

Lisa Snowdon is an English fashion model, television personality and presenter. She was the host of the reality television show "Britain's Next Top Model" from 2006 until 2009.

If you'd like a bit more of Lisa, click HERE


  1. Yummy toe cleavage and those legs go all the way up in the red dress. Yes - yes --- YES!

    I'm sorry call me narrow-minded here but the top notch toe cleavage is always created from wearing the timeless classic pointy-toed pump


  2. Damm that red dress and perfect heels for tc! Great post !!!

  3. HHey #2 - Great post!!! The link to the German download site is lousy. What happened to RapidShare? It has been working great for the last couple of weeks. WOuld love to see more of Lisa.

  4. pic 6 shows a little extra.....but no complaints from me