Mar 11, 2013

Brits - Cheryl Cole

Let's check out some lovely ladies from jolly old England, shall we. Tip top, cheerio and all that rot.

English recording artist, songwriter, dancer and model Cheryl Cole was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyneside, and grew up on council estates in the districts of Walker and then neighbouring Heaton.


  1. That's some hot toe cleavage she's sporting. I'll give her ***** for it. Love it, very classy.


  2. Fantastic shoes and TC ! Nice woman too, even if I would not bet on her being 100 % natural... What's the matter with the black dress photo ? She can't walk on her heels ?

    1. I'd say a large majority of women in fashion, model, acting, TV or music industry today aren't 100% natural. Me I say who cares.

      And walking in the black dress photos. Look at what she's walking over. To me it appears to be a large steel storm sewer grate of some sort with large square openings. She could easily miss-step and have a heel fall through an opening. Can't have that happening to a pretty little thing like Ms Cole.... :)

      Just my observations.


  3. Ssssst...unbelievably hot lady.

  4. Beautiful, but nothing like Brit Awards 2011...