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Mar 1, 2013

Twitter pix - February

We'll take a quick break from our "A" ladies to see what was showing this last month on Twitter; it seemed to be a hit last time I did it...

The first three pics are from actress and host of VH1's "Big Morning Buzz Live" (note the coffee cup), Carrie Keagan.

Also, happy THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY to the Toe Cleavage Blog!


  1. Loved them all! Thanks what a nice surprise!

  2. Most look really good IMO.. just the toe cleavage in flats is pure yuck... :(~

    Toe cleavage is only sexy when shown in heels.


  3. Number2,

    Interesting that so many women have opted to post.... Apparently this site is popular with women as well as men? Any idea if I'm right?


  4. Pic 20 (navy blue), wow! That's close to perfection. Funny, I love the toe cleavage and flats, seems I might be in a minority.

  5. hell yeah ... it is a hit! and this second time as well! super job! love this! keep it up!

  6. A great collection of photos; nothing is sexier than the toe cleavage of the women we see everyday.

  7. Great post - nice to see some everyday ladies. Agree with BW - love Pic 20!

  8. Great picks, I love toe cleavage, my favorite type of toe cleavage is toe cleavage in pointed toe flats. Keep the great picks coming.

  9. Number2,

    I enjoyed this post so much that I went back the first one. I noticed that you had asked the question regarding a monthly post. I definitely think you should do a monthly post. There appear to be many women who are willing to share photos, and to be frank, they are much more appealing than the "celebrities" because these are the women we see everyday, and appreciate everyday! I think it's only appropriate to offer them the opportunity to share their photos with appreciative admirer's! Anyone disagree?

    Fangflyer (from a foreign TDY post)

  10. Couldn't disagree more with post No.2. TC in flats can be really sexy too,( love the pink patent flats with the bow, Sooo Cute!, but in this group it has to be the last photo for me:o)