May 24, 2013

Black Louboutins - day 5

Had enough sexy Louboutins? I didn't think so...

Sophia Bush got famous in her nine seasons on "One Tree Hill" and was recently in the TV show "Partners".

You might have seen model/actress Amber Lancaster as a spokesmodel on "The Price is Right" or in the short-lived MTV series "The Hard Times of RJ Berger".

5' 9" Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel tops six feet in these heels.


  1. A truly great week!! Thanks!

  2. Ms Bush looks totally hot in her black stilettos. Nice shot also of her backside tushie! I personally like a woman with a little to show in that area, protrudes out when they slip into a pair of heels, yes!

    All in all it's been a great week number2!


  3. This post rates 15 stars - 5 for each of them!

  4. Best week ever!

  5. Love these louboutins. Admin, you should made post of different colours of these louboutins pigalle. They are stuuning pair of heels. Keep up the brlliant job admin

  6. Hi Number2. I have to say you have really excelled youself this week!! There aren't many sexier heels than the Louboutin Pigalles in black. You've obviously been saving them up to give us a special treat this week. I hadn't logged in for 2 or 3 days and so when I caught up yesterday I was rather blown away with all the latest posts! It's a shame the unbelievable shot of Charlize Theron was slightly cut off - I agre with you though, it's her sexiest pic yet! Keep up the fab work it's most appreciated.

  7. Number2,

    Epic effort this week! How about some Meredith Vieira sometime?