May 30, 2013

The Wish List (part 2)

Exactly three years ago today (a scant three months into the blog) I published a "Wish List" of women I wanted to see here on The Toe Cleavage Blog. Some we got, some we didn't but I thought it was time for a new list.

Feel free to give me your thoughts and let me know who you'd like to see here (and remember there's a full list of everyone ever posted here just down and to the right of this post....

5. Erica Hill - I've liked journalist/presenter Erica Hill since her days on CBS's "The Early Show" and I've followed her to the weekend edition of NBC's "The Today Show".  She's always in heels and almost always in skirts or dresses.

4. Paige Turco - I've been a fan of actress Paige Turco since the short-lived TV series "American Gothic".  Lately she's been a recurring guest star on "Person of Interest" and old-timers might remember her as the second actress to play April O'Neil in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movies or in a phenomenal commercial for Special K cereal.

3. Lauren Cohan - If you only know of actress Lauren Cohan from the TV show "The Walking Dead" you don't know how hot she can be. Check her out in the TV show "Chuck" or the movies "Death Race 2" and "Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj" among others.
2. Jenna Louise-Coleman - easily (for me) the sexiest and cutest of all the Doctor's companions on the long-running British sci-fi show "Doctor Who". I instantly fell in love with her in her first appearance as Oswin. Now if we could just get a little toe cleavage from her....
1. Charissa Thompson - Three years ago number one on my wish list was the hostess of SportsNation on ESPN, Michelle Beadle, so it's only fitting that this list's number one is her replacement, Charissa Thompson (who also hosted the reality competion show "Splash"). Like Beadle before her, Charissa almost exclusively wears sky-high heels on her show and, like Beadle before her, it's nearly impossible to find any good toe cleavage shots of her. The only halfway decent one I've found is the selfie below.
 Who's your number 1?


  1. OK Number2 since you asked..

    Number3.5's wish list

    1) Sasha Alexander - Rizzoli & Isles
    2) Dana Delaney - Body of Proof
    3) Amy Acker - Person of Interest

    Sasha and Dana are truly a ladies lady. Both dress fashionably hot, both wear some killer totally hot heels on their TV shows. Today's women need to take heed and lesson's from these two gorgeous women. With that being said I would think both ladies would love to sport some toe cleavage.

    Amy, or "Root" on TV show, you usually see her dressed in dark colors and black heeled boots. She still looks totally hot, just get her to swap out those black boots for a pair of black stilettos with some peaking toe cleavage.


  2. OK a couple more to add to my wish list..

    4) Julianna Margulies
    5) Sara Evans

    Both are hot brunettes.


  3. raven simone
    Gina Gershon
    Katy Mixon
    (some more)Leah Remini

    and i wouldnt mind seeing some porn actrices, but i dont that will damage the class that this site uphold's..


  4. Mena Suvari
    Jennifer Coolidge