Jun 10, 2013

Pants week - Stacy Keibler

Don't you just hate it when these gorgeous actresses, models, singers, etc. cover up their legs with pants?
Well, at least they still give us what we came here for - toe cleavage.

Here's almost all of George Clooney's girlfriend Stacy Keibler's 41.5 in legs being covered, in two different outfits -

Download full set HERE


  1. I'm enjoying the change up on the opening page, not so much the tats, but that seems to be the current trend. I'm ready for a change on that too. Thanks!!!

  2. Number2 - Sorry but I need to disagree with you on the pants/slacks thing. Stacy looks totally hot with her toe cleavage yes I agree. But the style pants she's wearing is a super big turn on to me. I may be quirky here but I can get way more aroused by a well dressed woman than one who is isn't wearing a thing. See the mind is a powerful aphrodisiac.

    And these pics of Stacy are in my top 20..


  3. love the new head foto. good choice no. 2