Jun 6, 2013

Some more black Loubis - Lily Collins

So I just found out that the pictures I've been posting have been going out with a maximum width of 1600 pixels (no matter what their original size).
I changed it so that it's up to 2048 pixels - a 28% increase - and for now that's the best I can do.
Keep in mind that when you download one of the linked groups of pictures (like the one below), that they will be it the original sizes (sometimes really big).
If people want I could start posting .zip files of all pictures, not just the larger groups. Let me know - and if you know a way to have larger pictures on Blogger, I'm all ears.

On with the pix....

Best known as Snow White from the movie "Mirror Mirror" actress Lily Collins is the daughter of rocker Phil Collins.

For some more leggy Lily click HERE

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