Jul 8, 2013

Ankle Straps part deux - Minka Kelly

You remember way back (two weeks ago) when we did a week of ankle straps? Well, we're doing it again.

If you've missed actress Minka Kelly on TV, you can catch her next season in the futuristic Fox show "Almost Human".

For the full set click HERE


  1. Loving the constant change in main page shot! Can u please post who they are and a link to more images of them?

  2. But where would the fun be in testing your Toe Cleavage knowledge?
    (I'll bet ~ZERO knows who this might be.)

  3. Main page shot = yucky shoes! Detracts from the great toe cleavage.

  4. Loved the header shot and tc. I'm liking the change ups! Thanks for all you do for us!!

  5. Okay, so as far as today's post...WoW. Not only are they ankle straps...but...T-STRAPS!!!

    YESSSSSSSSS!!! I love that they are cut high on the throat by her larger toe and then lower by her smaller toes.

    What do you get when you cross a stripper and a guitar player? Minka Kelly.

    Now...the main image. See on her left foot (on our right side) the little upside down U shapes over her middle toes??? It's Kristen Bell again :o D


    PS - Kristen Bell and I share the same birthday =o D and we both like Gemma Arterton (hint hint hint;)

  6. Good guess based on Tuesday's post but listen to the expert on Kristen Bell's TC. ~ZERO gets it right!