Jul 29, 2013

Short women - Kylie Minogue

Okay, enough with these tall gals, it's time to give some short women some love.

At 5'2" Aussie singer Kylie Minogue has come out with eleven studio albums, twelve compilation albums, five live albums and twelve remix albums since 1988.
She's also smokin' hot at 45 years old.

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  1. Smoken' hot toe cleavage for sure. She doesn't look to be that short in photos. But yeah heels make a woman look taller. Petty gal slips on a pair on I just wanna melt! And at 45 she looks awesome! I love the more mature women cause they know what they want/like and are not afraid to express themselves to get it.


    PS: I work on those pics number2.

  2. Can't I give Kylie 6 stars?!!!

  3. Want to see some megan fox, alyssa milano, emma watson, selena gomez....in heels/toe cleavage

    1. Well I've posted Megan and Selena three times each and Emma nine times already...

  4. Im a high heel arch toe cleavage guy.how bout put some of that in mixed.but im still a big fan of your site.keep up the good job...your awsome..from Seattle washington......