Aug 5, 2013

August women - Amy Adams

August is a big month for me.
I was born in August.
I was married in August.
My wife was born in August.
I even got my dog in August.

What does that have to do with anything? Well, all the ladies this week were also born in August and we should celebrate that.

Amy Adams was born (on August 20) in Italy but recently played all-American Lois Lane in the summer blockbuster "Man of Steel".


  1. Dear Amy Adams: You are hot. You make toe cleavage wholesome and sexy at the same time. Thanks,

    PS: You made a great Lois Lane too.

  2. wow..... Amazing tc, loved her tc in casadei blades

  3. Amy.... Meeah... Not so much.

    Although the new weekly header is hawt!!


  4. Just as sure as Nicole Richie and her (in my opinion) highly offensive tattoo are sure to chase me away, Blake Lively is always sure to bring me back!!! [thumbsup smiley]

    I really like Amy Adams here. She's definitely a girl I'd bring home to meet mom.

    Good show Two.


  5. Love the TC in the black ankle straps, I am sure the close-up would have been terrific ! (but the tight TC on the header is outstantding !). The other shoes she wears with the "purple" dress are just incredibly beautiful, classy and sexy. Thanks for the good job.

  6. I'm a fan of this lovely lady. She's a great actress, she's very charismatic on interviews, also, she's gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.