Sep 9, 2013

Minka Kelly week - day 1

Last year, around this time, I went on a week-long cruise with limited internet access.
I'm doing the same this year so I may not read/post your comments in a timely manner.
But like last year I won't leave you all alone.
Last year's sexy babysitter was Jessica Biel - this year you get Minka Kelly.

You may remember Minka Kelly from her role in the TV shows "Friday Night Lights", "Parenthood" or the remake of "Charlie's Angels" or maybe her film roles in "The Roommate" and "Just Go With It".

For more of Ms. Minka in this outfit click HERE


  1. i see double TC on pic 2 and that made my day
    and love this post in general couse every pic is good.

    thanks No.2 (and have a nice trip)


  2. Great TC and arch cleavage, particuarly on the photo where she's seated. Love the heel gap too. Seeing more of that seems very sexy.

    Unrelated note: Love the new screen background. Liked the last one too. It'd be cool if you had a catagory of labels for Background Girls or something like that, so we can look up present or past background shots and the respective women's names. I'd hate to ask for you to do go to any trouble, because what you do a truly public service without fair compensation... but if its not too much trouble, if may be worth looking into. Maybe there already is this link and I just can't find it; but the background girls are crazy sexy!

    1. Poster below has a good point about looking for close-ups.
      Maybe at the end of the year I'll do a post of all the headers.

  3. Great post once again. Long time lurker, first time poster. Gotta love the Pigalles of any kind!

    No need to make a history for the weekly header shots since they can all be found by clicking on the label "Close Up" in the list on the right or following this link:

    Keep up the good work!


  4. one word says it all.....BREATHTAKING....

  5. Gorgeous!

    And bon voyage to you!

  6. Number2 you gonna bring us all some souvenirs like folks do for the kids? Maybe some sexy candid shots.


    1. Love to, but barely any TC, just bare feet and flip flops...