Sep 12, 2013

Minka Kelly week - day 4

When Minka was 19, after graduating from Valley High School in Albuquerque, she returned to Los Angeles. While on a test shoot for a modeling agency, she was approached by a former Playboy Playmate who was interested in managing her, and who placed her as a receptionist at a surgeon's office who would provide her breast augmentation in exchange for hours worked. She ultimately decided against the procedure, leading to her being fired. However, that exposure to the medical field prompted her to attend school for a year to become a surgeon's assistant; afterward, she worked as a scrub tech.


  1. Finally shorter skirts and the last three have great t c. Thanks!

  2. Photos 2 thru 5 are just pure awesomeness! Those are just the most perfect type of heels IMO.. pointed-toed, pointy heels, thinner soles, toe cleavage, arch, tan veiny feet!!! What's not to love!


  3. all very sexy heels but after monday i was spoiled ....

  4. Awesome!

    Now here is a woman who definitely does NOT need breast augmentation.

  5. I'm such a die hard leg man, I didn't even realize she had breasts until you brought it up.

    Oh dress pics.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand....I'm dead.



  6. pic 5 blows my mind.. her feet look so good in this picture
    it became my sreensaver