Sep 13, 2013

Minka Kelly week - day 5

You can catch Minka this fall in the supernatural TV series "Almost Human" airing on FOX. She'll also be in the drama "The World Made Straight" and currently is playing Jacqueline Kennedy in "Lee Daniels' The Butler".

Had enough Minka yet? I didn't think so. For the full 73 picture set in this dress & heels, click HERE


  1. Yowza! Loving the close-up. Very elegant yet super sexy shoe.

    Have to buy these for the wife!


  2. big BIG fan of the wine color. nice ending for this week.
    verry nice week if i may add


  3. Those heels are AWESOME, just like fine wine. Classy and elegant look about them!

    Lots of photos of her wearing stilettos, she's my kind of woman, dresses to the nines. We need more of that today instead of the baggy sloppy sweatpants.

    Who's with me here?

    Spiffy dresser

  4. Just look at photo n° 4 and compare with the girl in ballet flats! Heels rule both for elegance and sexiness !

    1. Exactly! The classy heels drive me into -- well you get the point.... The flats are OK if you're going to walk several blocks.... Wife will do this and swap out to her heels she's stuck in her purse later.


  5. Love this set! The close-up looks like a future banner photo.

  6. Christmas banner!!!

    Dude...this week was bananas and hopefully you got rested and got some really good ideas.

    Today was bananas and the candy apple red shoes with the white stitching hiked Minka all the way up the charts!!!

    Have a good weekend everybody.