Sep 20, 2013

Potpourri Friday

The most different women I've posted in one post! Eighteen!

Anna Kendrick (actress "Twilight" series, "Up In The Air", "Pitch Perfect")
& Ashley Jones (actress "The Young and the Restless", "The Bold and the Beautiful", "True Blood")
& Daisy Fuentes (model, entrepreneur)
& Danielle Panabaker (actress "Sky High", "Friday the 13th")
& Irina Shayk (model)
& JoJo (singer)

Katie Cassidy (actress "Supernatural", "Arrow")
& Kirsten Dunst (actress "Bring It On", "Melancholia")
& Lauren Cohan (actress "Chuck", "The Walking Dead")
& Lea Michele (actress "Glee")
& Mandy Capristo (singer)
& Marisa Tomei (actress "My Cousin Vinnie", "The Wrestler", "Crazy Stupid Love")

Mena Suvari (actress "American Beauty", "American Pie" series)
& Olga Kurylenko (actress "Quantum of Solace", "Oblivion")
& Rihanna (singer)
& Rosario Dawson (actress "Sin City", "Death Proof")
& Shantel VanSanten ("One Tree Hill", "Beauty & the Beast")
& Suzanne Somers (actress "Three's Company", entrepreneur)


  1. WOW what a good showing of toe cleavage. Not all are my favorites, but that's to be expected as I'm rather picky and a heel critique.

    And the tattoos - well I think when they get to big and gaudy they're not as feminine looking, so takes something away from the entire look.

    Number3.5 a.k.a. Chuck Finley

  2. 5&12 made my day.. Especially 5 but irana almost never dissapoint me, just happy to see more of her..

    You spoil us no.2
    Good ass week man


  3. Olga, Shantel, and Irina did it for me! Thanks

  4. Very strong Friday TC Offering overall, some very nice pics! I like the Potpourri theme this week. Should consider trying it again sometime!

  5. a lot of cleavage over her fellas


  6. Bro, you've gone to PLAID!!!

    Crazy ape$h!t insane post today!!!

    [slow clap]

    Here's to you once again.

    Have a great weekend.