Sep 16, 2013

Potpourri Monday

You know how when you get back from vacation you really don't want to start work again so you kinda ease back into it?
Well, that's what I'm doing this week on the blog.
I've got a bunch of pics that don't necessarily merit their own post, mostly because there's only one or two pics to post but I know y'all want to see them so I'll be burning 'em off quick-like the next five days without a lot of commenting. Some of these gals have been here before and for some this is their first time.

Heather Tom (actress "The Bold and the Beautiful")

Jordana Brewster (actress, "The Fast and the Furious" series, "Dallas" TV show)

Jessica Lowndes (actress "90210")

Freida Pinto (actress "Slumdog Millionaire")

Carol Alt (model "Sports Illustrated")


  1. I love the 1st photo of gal with her heels propped up on the table.... the looking is very sexy and alluring to me...

    Welcome back number2. We were all good and well behaved kids while you were gone.. :)~


  2. This weeks header is superb! Pintos pumps are hot too let's see some more of her....

  3. Great collection and it's only Monday.

    The banner girl is Selita Ebanks. :)

    Jordana Brewster, Jessica Lowndes and Carol Alt are all big favorites of mine.


    1. Bingo!

  4. love the blue ones, and the new banner is outstanding in all aspects !