Sep 5, 2013

Short skirts - Tamara Ecclestone

I don't think Tamara Ecclestone does much, kind of like a British Kim Kardashian.
She does like to wear short skirts and high heels, though; so here she is.

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  1. The tats really take away from a beautiful girl!

  2. yea....not a big fan of her tat but the tc is definitely there....

  3. I HATE those thick soled chunky heels. I think it takes something away from the femininity of the gal wearing them. The traditional somewhat thinner soles 3/16" to 1/2" (4.77mm to 12.5mm) thick are much more sexual and arouse me more than those pictured.

    Heel height, design of heel itself and toe style give stiletto heels their sexual status.

    Curious what all the other gentleman think, well ladies too if any visit this site. I know my wife likes to look on occasion to see what makes me tick and which styles are my favorites. She's a super gal like that you know... ☺


  4. ugly ugly ugly...