Oct 14, 2013

Brits month (blondes) - Alice Eve

This week I felt like checking out a bunch of blonde Brits. Join me, won't you?

Alice Eve had a very memorable scene in the film Star Trek Into Darkness"

For some more Alice click HERE


  1. I love the new header and Alice. You are doing a great job for us!!! Thanks

  2. A total beauty !! Thanks for the efforts.

  3. love the shot's that were took from the side especially the first pic.


  4. 2, do you know the name of the designer of Julianne Hough's shoes from that Footloose premiere? If I csn get a pair for my lady for Christmas, the rewards would be...limitless :)

    Alice Eve quarter shoepop for the win!


    1. The designer is Ruthie Davis - not sure of the style - it's similar to the Beverly http://shoerazzi.com/elizabeth-banks-in-ruthie-davis/ but I don't think the Beverly has the slight platform. Good luck and send pics!

  5. Ditto Zero's vote on the quarter shoepop for the win!

    Alice Eve's TC and arch cleavage looks outrageouslysexy in several of these pics.

  6. pic 8 shows a nice outline of other cleavage....

  7. OK I might be alone with this thought but I have some issues with this TC... First the string tied around her ankle looks so trashy... Secondly those heels are about 3 sizes to damn big! Good Lord there's 3/8 to 1/2" (9 to 12mm) of room at heel of her foot.

    She a hot woman and all and great TC, but get some fricken' heels that fit! Looks like the little girls playing "dress up' with mommy's clothes..

    OK I feel better now! lol


  8. Yes, Number 3.5, you may well be alone in your opinion! :-)

    OMG, these are outrageously sexy, especially the string around the ankle!