Oct 17, 2013

Brits month (blondes) - Sienna Miller

Technically actress Sienna Miller is an American (born in New York City) but since she moved to London with her family when she was one year old I'm going to classify her as a Brit.

For a bit more of this ex-pat, click HERE


  1. The black heels are gawd awful! The taupe heels are much better.. Just she flashing some open sore on her left foot. She should of IMO covered that up with a flesh-color Band aid.

    That is all,

  2. Number 3.5's right on as usual!

    The Taupe heels are definitely much better, and she definitely needs to cover that blister on her left foot with a band-aid!

    The sexiness of bandaids should not be under estimated. Maybe one day, we could have a post featuring the beautiful ladies sporting band aids on their feet while wearing TC heels? Sounds like a winner to me, Number2!