Oct 7, 2013

Brits month - Gemma Arterton

For the rest of the month I thought we'd salute the women of Great Britain and their great toe cleavage.

And you know that I'm not going to have a British women month and not include Gemma Arterton.
You can check her out this month in the movie "Runner Runner".


  1. That's a totally hot woman! She's got the prerequisite toe cleavage and spiky heels. Add in some sexy gams, a nicely shaped backside and she's a spiffy dresser to top it off... What's not to like?

    Oooh wait, I forgot the black pleather dress. She's bringing out the animal instincts within me and I now have these urges.


  2. Magnificent! Always loved her als "header"
    Top 5 TV woman i know.


  3. My all time favorite! I give her 10 stars - 5 for each foot/leg/heel!

  4. Where doed one begin?
    Emilia Clarke...Gemma our patron saint.
    Skin tight delights.
    My eyes can't find the brakes!

  5. In %, there are not that many beautiful (and stylish) Brits, but when they are, they are 5 stars. Direct in my top 5 !

  6. Great arch cleavage on her, too!

    Shoot, the header gal looks so familiar, but I just can't place the name...