Nov 28, 2013

Black & Shiny - Hayden Panettiere

For all the American blog readers, hope you're having a great Thanksgiving.

Here's something we can all be thankful for, actress Hayden Panettiere in some shiny black heels.

If you need a little more Hayden, click HERE

BONUS! Just before we went to press, Hayden showed up in this outfit. Rather than wait for another post I figured I'd add 'em on here.

And for a big 'ol heaping helping of seconds (perfect for Thanksgiving) click HERE


  1. Happy Thanksgiving 2 and family.
    Thank you for posting today.


  2. Is it me or do those shoes just look clumsy and weird ? Not for me...

  3. Cute gal, funky shoes.

  4. what is that on her left leg in the black dress pictures? is that a birthmark or make up to cover a tatoo? see it?