Nov 12, 2013

Filling requests - Neon - Kate Hudson

I've been waiting a while to post these pics of actress Kate Hudson and just didn't have a theme to fit her in.
Neon seems to work pretty good on her.

Want more Kate? Click HERE


  1. Stellar! Some awesome toe cleavage right up there with my other faves.

    At least five stars! Better outfit and I'd of given her higher.. The waist of her skirt looks... meah..


  2. Just had a thought... Kate and Stana could sort of team up you know.. Thinking they could pose for a photo shoot together for all of us discerning guys who appreciate classy stellar toe cleavage. I'd be like an awesome Christmas present!

    They'd be like the neon pink heeled Dynamic Duo!

    Can you look into and handle this Number2?


  3. She is so sexy right shoes to wear too.from seattle washington.would like to see some close up picks those are my favorites