Dec 27, 2013

Christmas Eva - day 5

"I've always been desperate to be a pussycat. And here I am, a bona fide, show- stopping pussycat."

Meow! To get all 293 pictures of this little kitty, click HERE


  1. ahhh.. these pumps make me drool...
    thanks No. 2


  2. As we've seen over the last few days Eva certainly has the proper feet and legs to promote some world class toe cleavage. The slightly tanned and toned muscular legs, with some slight veins showing. But these heels are not the best suited for her IMO to showcase all those physical attributes.

    All in all she's still a very hot, sensual, fashionable, classy women. It's women like her that inspire other young women to follow her lead... Hence more scrumptious toe cleavage for us guys to ogle over.


  3. Eva should be anointed as a Queen of TC.

    All Hail the Queen!