Dec 30, 2013

Some from Ebay

Getting close to the end of the year so I thought I'd post some more pics from my favorite EBay seller starzflite.


Note: I have no association with this seller and don't get any revenue or kickbacks but I did purchase a a pair of heels from them once.


  1. Love these photos from the ebay seller... I've often wondered if starlite ever actually sells any of these heels, well except to Hot looking shoe model too..


  2. this is how you end a year!!
    with renee as header ^_^

    and then the ebay post... well played No.2
    love the blue ones (both acually ,but if i had to make a choice)

  3. Seeeing Starz and Renee made my day!! Thanks!!

  4. Hi Number 2, good post, particularly like the blue heels, very high and plenty of TC. Any idea what make? I'm trying to find a pair of 5" heels, no platform with good TC that aren't quite as expensive as Louboutin, Jimmy Choo or Casedei - all gorgeous but very pricey! Any ideas? Thanks PS

  5. Sorry, don't remember the brand of the blue shoes. As for deals, I'd check out EBay (not just the seller above). You can find some really good deals on heels, especially if you don't mind used.

  6. The blue ones appear to be Jimmy Choo Anouk.


  7. More ebay post plsand do it for the whole week.that would be really nice