Dec 5, 2013

Winter White - Two for Thursday

Both of the women below are starring in this season of "American Horror Story: Coven"

Emma Roberts plays Madison Montgomery, a witch and actress loosely based on Lindsay Lohan.

Lily Rabe has been in all three season's of "American Horron Story" and this season plays Misty Day, a witch with the power of resurrection who is really into Stevie Nicks.


  1. Emma's heels yes! Lily's toes look a little squished IMO... Might just be the brand of heels. And white heels look better if the gal has some color to her legs, you get too pasty white then add white heels -- well you start to look a little like Casper the Ghost


  2. If i had to make a choice then i would edge it to lily, love a pinky pop here and there and love a little space in the back but both could do better. But thats just me beeing spoiled hahaha. Clearly they had to coördinate all white so... So imma swing back to yesterday's post.