Jan 25, 2014

Movie Toe Cleavage - Stoker

Trying something a little different today - instead of red carpet or candid photos, how about some photos (and video!) from a movie featuring toe cleavage.

Today's selection is from the 2013 movie "Stoker" with the TC of Mia Wasikowska.

Now it's up to you guys - do you know of any movies with outstanding toe cleavage that needs to be on this blog?
Let me know by e-mail or in the comments section. I'd love for this to be a regular feature.

...and here a short video of the scene (to download it in much better quality click HERE)


  1. I got one poison ivy the movie.itsDrew berrymore.its the ending parts where shes driving the sports car lots of toe cleavage.infact I still have the dvd....

  2. Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze. the opng scene with the girl getting out of the car was always a winner for me

  3. Dude. This is awesome. Her changing shoes from wearing the black and white oxfords without socks into the TC high heels, is just the tops. She should win a medal for that.

    How have I never heard of this movie before!?! Im going to need to watch it now! Great idea!

  4. Men in black 2 in the beginning

  5. Number 2,

    Not sure how comfortable I am with this. Not repulsed, but not comfortable. I need to see more to form a proper opinion.


    1. Not sure what you mean. Not comfortable with movie clips on the blog or this particular clip?

  6. Ha ha....Stoker was my find. :D You're welcome.

    Try Four Christmases. Reese Witherspoon gold.


  7. I hope to see the clips of these movies here..
    this is a great concept No.2


  8. Veeeery erotic... Reminds me of the classic Buttman series.