Feb 10, 2014

Multiple timers - Jennifer Lopez

How many times has singer/actress been here? If you guessed 11, you're correct!

How can you see more pictures of her? If you guessed click HERE, you're right again!


  1. Julianne looks good in the header again. I loved last week! Thanks

  2. Number 2,

    Nice work last week and a great start to this week!


  3. First off I love this weeks header!

    Secondly Jennifer's toe cleavage and arch is what classic toe cleavage and arch is suppose to look like.... Well done!


  4. J Lo is one of the best. Her legs are orgasmic!

  5. black heels the best, she is ugly I don´t like her...

  6. ok, so it seems i am a little late to the party, my first time visiting here, but finding more pics of one of my all time favorites is always a nice surprise! anyways, i tried downloading the pic set, but its not available. possible you could fix that, please and thank you?! like i said, this is my first time visiting this site and seeing the selection of jlo pics has me wanting to come back for more!!!